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How Do I Get People to Come To My Brewery? 

Craft brewing is a booming industry, but it comes with its fair share of challenges. Smaller craft brewers often find themselves facing uphill battles when it comes to increasing foot traffic and brand visibility. In this blog, we’ll explore the hurdles they face and discuss innovative strategies to overcome them. From hosting engaging events and […]

The 6 Biggest Challenges of Running a Craft Brewery (And How to Overcome Them)

It’s no secret that the craft beer industry has exploded over the last decade. Beer lovers everywhere are now spoiled for choice. It might even inspire you to open a craft brewery of your own. But how do you succeed in what has become a highly saturated market? Before getting into the business of brewing […]

How much room do you need for a pasteurizer?

You want to make your beer safe for distribution, so you have decided your brewery needs a pasteurizer, but how do you choose one? We all know the saying “Time is money” and while that does apply to pasteurizers, we know that space in your brewery can be as valuable as time is. That leads […]

How Long Does Craft Beer Last?

There are specific ways to prep and store wine and other beverages, especially for distribution, to retain their flavors, no matter when it gets packaged. However, not many people realize that just as much thought and consideration have to go into the storage and distribution of craft beer. The temperature, container, time of packaging, whether […]

How to Pasteurize Beer Without Ruining the Taste

People drink craft beer because they want something different from the generic “macro brewery” lager. They want something that’s got more depth, detail, and flavor. They want something delicious, and if you’re a craft brewer, you want your beer to blow away the consumers’ taste buds and make them never want another mass produced light […]

Why Flash Pasteurization is Right for Your Brewery

Image of Beer bottles in a row

Your customers expect to get their favorite beers fresh with their natural flavor intact. But after you’ve worked so hard to create the perfect batch of beer, it could all be ruined before the customer even gets to press their lips against the container. You want to make sure the beer tastes the same from […]

The Science of Pasteurization: A Guide to Pasteurization Control

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Brewing beer is a balance of both art and science. Bringing together delicious ingredients and interesting recipes is crucial, but unless you have the scientific expertise to ensure your brew’s shelf life — you might not be making anything that will last. Beer is the ideal home for several tiny organisms totally invisible to the […]