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Get a custom  pasteurizer that extends the shelf life of your beer and always makes it taste as if you’re drinking it at your brewery no matter where you are.

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Designed by beer lovers.

For beer lovers.

Shelf Life Systems started with a couple of beer lovers who believed that craft beer was an art form and that the best-tasting beer was made with passion (and maybe a little obsessiveness). We knew every beer had a shelf life. That meant from the time it would take to go from your brewery to your customer’s fridge, you risk losing all of its precious character. We realized without pasteurization, no one would have the chance to taste your beer the way you intended it to taste. Since then, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping breweries go from limited distribution to multi-state contracts with custom flash pasteurizers that help you brew the highest quality beverages.

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60+ years of industry experience

We have more than 60 years of industry experience in designing, fabricating, and installing commercial pasteurization solutions.

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Dedicated process engineer on staff

We have the deep technical expertise to ensure the most dependable process management with superior product quality.

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Various Process Control Capabilities

We have extensive experience in flash pasteurizing (HTST), hot filling, and ultra-high temperature (UHT) processing configurations.

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Beer Lovers

We love heavy hops, tart sours, and everything in between. We’re beer lovers first and pasteurization masters second. 

Your beer should last long enough that people can enjoy it wherever they are. That only happens when it's pasteurized!

Give People the Chance to Taste Your Beer Exactly How it Was Meant to Taste.

Custom flash pasteurizers that protect the unique character of your craft beer, so it always tastes like someone’s drinking it at your brewery.

Tell Us About Your Beer

We’d love to learn more about your unique beer and what’s stopping you from being able to share it. 

Discover How We Protect Your Beer

Get a good look at one of our pasteurizers and discover how it can extend the shelf life of your beer without destroying its character and integrity.

Share Your Beer with the World

With a custom pasteurizer, there are no limits to where you can deliver fresh, great-tasting beer.